The Queen's Bath

Santa Maria Novella

$ 86.00

This is truly a gift set for the serious bath taker that loves strong scent and serious salts to extract toxins, soften the skin and relieve fatigue. Santa Maria Novella's Melograno Bath Salts transforms bath water into the softest silk texture meanwhile the oriental powdery scent of Melograno transports you to the Queen's chamber, 14th Century Paris overlooking the French countryside. Opening the exquisite box & unwrapping the Melograno Soap is a ritual unto itself. Shaped for the hand, this large bar of soap massages, cleanses and moisturizes the skin with whole milk and vegetable oils. Both are recommended for even the most sensitive, delicate skin.

Bath Salts - 500g - 17.6 OZ.
Soap - 200g - 7.0 OZ. 
Made in Italy

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