Astier de Villatte Mantes- La-Jolie Candle

Astier de Villatte

$ 94.00

Astier de Villatte Mantes-La-Jolie Candle is our favorite candle at Essenza. It literally is the freshest cleanest candle we have ever burned. Unabashed citrus notes of mentha citrata, crunchy green-stem notes with fragrant accents, and the instant freshness of eucalyptus recreate a display of fresh herbs, transporting you to a village market. Made by French artisans, this Astier de Villatte deluxe candle is in a hand blown glass with a high quality vegetable wax, cotton wick and a type set label. It is accompanied with a delightful book about all the scents and the company's history. 

90 hours burn time

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