Astier de Villatte Nara Candle

Astier de Villatte

$ 94.00

Nara, a small, tranquil Japanese town, is home to numerous magnificent temples and shrines and a park famous for its freely roaming deer. The charming, century-old Nara Hotel, a favorite of dignitaries, offers a welcome haven of repose: We lose ourselves with delight in the city’s winding alleys. In the air floats an exquisite fragrance of sandalwood, its warm, comforting scent enriched by a hint of sweet and sensual jasmine. This exotic candle contains essences of sandalwood amyris, sambac jasmine, ginger roots, cashmeran, and amber. Made by French artisans, this Astier de Villatte deluxe candle is in a hand blown glass with high quality plant wax with a touch of beeswax. Labels and packaging are lead-printed on old presses by S.A.I.G. one of the last typographic workshops in the world.It is accompanied with a delightful book about all the scents and the company's history.

90 hr. burn time

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