Beautiful Eyes


$ 90.00

Treat those loyal, hard working, soul catching eyes to the best of the best! This set features Prakash Organics Eye Care Oil made with 100% organic unrefined seed oils of green coffee bean, milk thistle, apple, and fig . This incredible formula works miracles on fine lines and wrinkles, as well as reduces puffiness, improves tone and plumps the skin. Smooth a few drops of this elixir around the eyes and then glide the Herbivore De-Puffing Jade Roller from the center of the face under and above the eyes in short gentle strokes towards the hairline. This ancient facial roller improves elasticity of the skin, eases facial muscle tension and helps oil absorption. Put on a soft, smooth silk eye mask by Yoke. Silk naturally helps to protect skin from unwanted creases around the eyes and above the brow. It is cool to the touch and breathable creating a relaxing sensation for deep sleeping, resting or meditation. 

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