Carrière Frères Lavender Palet

Carrière Frères

$ 50.00

With an almost obsessive fascination for nature, Carrière Frères seeks to embody the plant world with sensitivity and respect. Flowers, herbs, woods and fruits... Each botanical treasure is classified, then closely studied to recreate its full complexity and unique benefits. 

 These high quality French 

Botanical Palets are wax sculptures handmade in their workshop in Normandy, France. They are made from 100% vegetable wax from European organic rapeseed and 

fragranced essences composed of a maximum of natural ingredients, respectfully extracted from individuals and regions. Lavender grows wild in the south of France: highly fragrant, its flowers bloom in Summer and its perfume naturally evokes the beautiful fields in Provence. Hang as a decorative feature to scent a small space like a closet, bathroom or hang near your bed to fall asleep to the calming and peaceful qualities of lavender. 

1.95 Fl.oz x 2 palets in the box
Diffusion: at least 6 months
Size: H: 1 cm Ø: 8,7 cm

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