Carrière Frères Rosemary Diffuser

Carrière Frères

$ 90.00

With an almost obsessive fascination for nature, Carrière Frères seeks to embody the plant world with sensitivity and respect. Flowers, herbs, woods and fruits... Each botanical treasure is classified, then closely studied to recreate its full complexity and unique benefits. These high quality French diffusers are made with fragranced essences composed of a maximum of natural ingredients, respectfully extracted from individuals and regions. A beautiful, aromatic, leafy shrub that grows wild in the dry limestone hills of the Mediterranean basin, rosemary has been known since antiquity: the Greeks and Latins wove it into crowns to sharpen their memories and concentration. Rosemary clean, pungent scent is known for its powerful antiseptic properties.

6.8 Fl.oz
Duration: 8 to 12 weeks
Bottle size: H: 12.5 cm Ø: 6.5 cm

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