Andrea Maack Cornucopia Eau de Parfum

Andrea Maack

$ 170.00

Cornucopia by Andrea Maack is the newest scent in her collection. It evokes a feeling of abundance and fulfillment. It is a modern blend combining bitter cold spices on top of warm liquorice animalic notes. The dark atmosphere of the cumin, incense and styrax are enhanced with lighter ingredients such as green and pink pepper, cypress wood and the unique note Bigarane, a soft green note reminiscent of Petitgrain seen in very few fragrance compositions. The black musk and candied fig develop the fragrance into an addictive and captivating original lucrative scented universe.  This scent wears like a sexy, exotic gourmand with a hint of Icelandic green moss. 

Notes: green pepper, bigarane, cypress Wood, cumin, angelica, incense, candied fig, styrax, black musk

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