Talborina – Scented Powder, Melograno

Santa Maria Novella

We often encounter women who have never used dusting powder. To this we say, “C’est tragique!” Powders are wonderful for staying cool and dry, used in lieu of a deodorant. Dusting yourself with powder is doing something special for yourself. So let us introduce you to one of the finest powders anywhere—Santa Maria Novella Scented Powders. These are very fine dusting powders which seem to light on your skin like angel wings. You'll instantly feel pampered and feminine. This one is Melograno scented, one of their classics and other scent options are gardenia and rose. The powders come in the loveliest little pillar-shaped packaging covered in floral print Florentine paper, and it doubles as the dispenser. It makes a beautiful gift--very European and refined.

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