Eastern Accent Five Element Air Candle

Eastern Accent

$ 40.00

We love these hand-poured candles from sustainable soy wax sourced locally in the United States. There is so much thought put into them and each elemental candle has a deep intelligent haiku scroll to help us through these trying times!  The designers were inspired by ancient Japanese philosophy based on the five sacred elements.  These five sacred elements can be observed in Buddhist architecture, art and writings. Each glass votive has a zen meditation to reflect upon as you light your candle.  Air or Kaze is the element of life and breath. Choose this candle when you are ready for new beginnings, a new year or a fresh start. The wind element of air helps to clear the mind and expand your consciousness to see things in a new, open perspective. The Air Candle has very fresh, aromatic scent with notes of eucalyptus, yuzu rind (Japanese grapefruit), and ginger.

Burn time: 60 hours

Height: 3½" Diameter: 3¾"

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