Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01 + Mandarin

Escentric Molecules

$ 170.00

New by Escentric Molecules, Geza Schoen has created a series of combining the irresistible subtly warm Molecule 01 with just one other carefully chosen ingredient. Molecule 01 + Mandarin is a brilliantly simple pairing that launches off the skin from the first spray with the instant hit of vibrant, zesty, natural mandarin orange in all its mouthwatering aromatic juiciness. A touch of synthetic magic keeps the juiciness alive as Iso E  woodsiness emerges, a rare meeting between top and base notes. As the mandarin fades, M01 lovers are left with a delightfully subtle variation of the original classic, a woodsy cocoon still glowing with a light kiss of citrus. The absolute perfect scent for summer!

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