Everyday Magic!


$ 50.00

We call it everyday magic for a reason...three very special treasures to cleanse the energy of your body, mind, spirit and home. To nourish the skin and hair we adore Everyday Oil for an all natural treatment.  Moisturizing oils of coconut, olive oil, argan, jojoba, palo santo, lavender, geranium and clary sage will not only make you silky soft, a light herbal uplifting scent will adorn your body. Smudge away negativity and toxicity in your body and home with a white sage bundle made by Catherine Rising. Clear the slate for more positivity to enter you life. Sage has powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities and can improve your mood and cognition and help with sleep quality. We picked the Palo Santo Desert Rose Candle by Na Nin for its calm meditative scent.  Light this beautiful soy candle and feel a sense of peace surround you. 

Everyday Oil - 2 oz.

Na Nin Candle - 5 oz. 

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