Herbivore Cuckoo for Coconut!


$ 72.00

We paired these two Herbivore products for the best in coconut pampering. Coconut Milk Body Polish gently exfoliates with organic virgin coconut oil and sugar crystals leaving your skin silky soft. Deeply moisturizing shea butter, lightweight squalane oil, and ultra-hydrating coconut milk nourish the skin without leaving a sticky residue. Then, eagerly massage Herbivore's Coconut Body Oil all over your body. Antioxidants and vitamins from virgin coconut oil, coconut pulp, orchid extract and camelia seed oil hydrate dry skin and give it a tropical radiant glow. Enjoy the lingering 100% natural scent of real coconut and feel like you just came from a Caribbean spa! 

8 oz. Coconut Body Polish

4 oz. Coconut Body Oil

• Vegan and Cruelty-free
• Made in USA
• Free from: synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives                                                                                                 

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