Huiles Précieuses – Precious Oils


$ 78.00

4.25 oz.

The city of Florence blossomed like a flower in the 12th century during the Renaissance, when a wellspring of artists, writers, philosophers and other creatives launched the world into a new era. It’s fitting that perfumer-glove-makers of Florence who made butter-soft scented leather gloves are the inspiration behind this highly emollient body and bath oil. The same concept of softening and scenting was applied to the creation of Diptyque Huiles Presieusesl. It’s rich in sweet almond, argan and macadamia nut oils. Argan in particular is beneficial and nourishing to dry skin. The powdery, mellow scent comes from precious iris butter, Virginian cedar and Haitian vetiver. This is a feather-light oil that penetrates deeply, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling silky and supple all day. We love it too for its light scent that doesn’t interfere with wearing a perfume.

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