Kneipp Joint & Muscle Bath Oil


$ 20.00

Taking a bath with Kneipp Joint & Muscle Bath Oil can help to gently soothe and relax tired joints and muscles that result from strenuous activity. Pine, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Arnica oils deliver a simultaneously warming and cooling effect on the body while uplifting Orange Peel oil helps boost your spirits. Sustainably sourced in Galicia, Spain, this Arnica Montana Atlantica extract, which unlike other arnica species, has a particularly low potential to cause allergies. Add one capful of this herbal bath oil to warm running water to create a comforting, restorative soak. This product is a lifesaver when you know that you have over stressed your muscles after a good day of skiing, bicycling or chasing a toddler! 

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