Ligne St Barth Avocado Oil

Ligne St Barth

$ 48.00

Line St Barth Avocado Oil is an elegant, vitamin-rich oil from ripe avocados, with the scent of the exotic tiare flower. A perfect multi-purpose oil for daily use on the body, face and hair and for indulgent beauty rituals such as baths, massages, face masks and treatments. It spreads easily and creates soft moisturized skin without feeling greasy. Add a few drops to a warm bath, massages, face masks and treatments. Prized for its anti-aging benefits. Just a few drops reveal the oil’s warmth and sensuousness. The precious avocado oil is obtained from the first cold press of this tropical fruit and contains important unsaturated fatty acids. It is hydrating and relaxing and has a regenerative effect to supports our skin’s elasticity. It is invaluable during pregnancy for stretch marks and as an after sun treatment for the skin and hair.

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