Mad et Len Refresher Oil for Potpourri

Mad et Len

$ 50.00

These 15ml Mad et Len Refresher Oils with dropper allow you to dispense the fragrance of your choice, on your Mad et Len potpourri resin, lava rocks or crystals. Mad et Len oils may also be used in any diffuser on any absorbent material to scent your home.

Terre Noire - Earthy soil with soft pine and resins - inspired by the magical ancient European forests evoking the damp earth, earthy bark, rich humus soil, cold mushrooms and petrified pine. 

Spirituelle - Moroccan mint tea, zesty basil & cypress- inspired by Arabians nights in the Café Royal where travelers drank crisp mint tea on their nomadic travels from Saint-Germain to the Walls of Alexander.

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