Mad et Len Terre Noire Lava Potpourri

Mad et Len

$ 175.00

Mad et Len Terre Noire Lava Potpourri is an exquisite piece of art. Each Mad et Len creation is housed in one-of-a-kind blackened iron vessels made by the company’s own blacksmiths using ancient methods. This vessel holds sustainably harvested black lava rock from the Sahara Desert. This rock is porous and holds the scent of any oil that is dropped on it.  Terre Noire Potpourri is scented to evoke a grounded sense of belonging. The resin is infused with notes of resinous pine, aged oakwood, damp soil and wet bark. These notes are inspired by the ancient European forests, a tribute to this great continental legacy with a rich and evocative elemental bouquet of earth and wood, striking a cold and compelling atmosphere both haunting and naturalistically comforting. Each potpourri includes a 15ml recharge Terre Noire oil to refresh the resin as needed. We believe this is one of the most unique treasures in Essenza and highly endorse it for a house warming gift or a exotic present for your worldly beloved.

Cylinder Vessel: Diameter 5", Height 4" - 21 oz.

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