Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascèse

Naomi Goodsir

$ 187.00

One of Essenza's most popular smokey scents, Bois d'Ascése by Naomi Goodsir was conceived from a childhood memory and an homage to her family's Scottish origins. Her wooden church nestled between the hills of New South Wales, Australia with the surrounding countryside ablaze with fire. Julien Rasquinet, a renown French perfumer, took this vision and intensified the smoked wood and Somalian incense with notes of whiskey, tobacco and cinnamon. Like a fine Islay Scotch, the intricacies of smoke and moss add a complicated and enigmatic appeal – harsh and medicinal one moment, mesmerizing the next. The layers of smoked cade wood, oakmoss and whiskey have a similar effect here, as bracing jolts of smoke morph into the airy tranquility of incense, keeping us endlessly intrigued and hopelessly addicted. A starkly elegant fragrance that puts us in a trance. 

Notes: tobacco, whiskey, cinnamon, amber, cistus labdanum, oakmoss, smoked cade wood, Somalian incense

Eau de parfum, 50ml 1.7 floz 

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