Nasomatto Narcotic V Extrait de Parfum


$ 185.00

A tribute to Venus, goddess of love, Nasomatto Narcotic V Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance dedicated to feminine beauty and desire. A bright bold white flower fragrance this captivating love potion is an olfactory celebration to the tuberose flower. Surrounded by orange blossom, lilly, white jasmine and a touch of mint, the tuberose takes on a fruity strawberry opening note, drying down with base notes of of musk and wood, blooms into a buttery seductive floral. These high quality concentrated oils are long lasting, creating a strong but subtle projection radiating from the body. Each batch of Narcotic V is handmade and hand poured by the very talented and eccentric Alessandro Guiltier. The oils are presented in a unique, architectural bottle topped with artistically designed wooden caps. Essenza is honored to represent this incredible fragrance company in the store and on our e-commerce site. Enjoy! 

30 ml.

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