Petite Bébé


$ 50.00

These three things are just as perfectly essential as they are cute and will be much appreciated by the new Mom and baby. A fawn print Pehr Swaddle, made of organic cotton, to wrap up that little baby tight and secure in its white fresh cotton onesee.  We picked a 3 month wrap white onesee that snaps on the side for easy dressing in and out, a Petite Bateau classic that is a must for every baby's wardrobe!  The third item is what we call a lovee or a blanket by Angel Dear, a miniature washable blanket with a head on it, for the baby's pleasure to hold, suckle and lure to sleep. This sweet beige and cream fawn may be the first and most beloved item a baby will bond with and love through it's infant growing years!

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