Khus + Khus Sans Age Face Serum

Khus + Khus

$ 80.00

Sans Age Face Serum by Khus + Khus is the rockstar of face oils!  It contains the highest quality organic superstar plant based oils and non-GMO ingredients available: helichrysum, german chamomile,  blue tansy, macula, baobab, organ, squalene, sea buckthorn Co2  and rosehip Co2. These ingredients are highly regarded for their anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, regenerating and hydrating properties. The oils are protected by a miron violet glass bottle to keep the oils fresh and safe from light and heat. Good for normal, sensitive, inflamed skin and ideal for skin that needs to be calmed down and regenerated.

USE: Add a small amount to the back of hand apply to forehead, chin, cheeks, neck, spread evenly. morning + night.

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