Santa Maria Novella Before and After Shave Cream

Santa Maria Novella

$ 58.00

The Italians know beauty and the nobody understands men's shaving products better than them! Santa Maria Novella Shave Cream can be applied before or after shaving or try as an extra emollient cream to shave with when you need to soften thick facial hair and help lubricate the movement of the razor on the skin. As a pre-shave to soften and prepare the skin for shaving, apply 2 to 3 minutes before shaving; rub into the skin thoroughly then shave. As an after-shave, apply to a clean shaven face and enjoy the moisturizing anti-wrinkle properties and protective coating to weather through another day of sun, wind and dry cold air. The fragrance is the classic fruity, powdery scent called Melograno that is iconic to the Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy. 

Paraben Free.
3.38 FL.OZ.
Made in Italy

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