Florentine Antiquity

Santa Maria Novella

$ 97.00

This is the gift to give when you need an elegant package that will impress "the world traveler", "the scent connoisseur", or a beloved who has exquisite taste.  A treasure from antiquity, Santa Maria Novella’s Carta d’Armenia is a paper soaked in infusions of resins and oriental spices. Fold the delicate paper, light the edge, blow out and witness the vapor smoke filling your room with an old world European cathedral ambiance. These resin oils also purify the air and may also be used to perfume clothing by placing an un-lit paper in drawers, suitcases, or closets. Carta d’Armenia’s history began in the late 19th century when Frenchman August Ponsot was in Armenia during his travels through the Ottoman Empire (Armenia at the time was part of the empire). He was amazed to discover that the people there scented and sanitized their homes by burning a natural resin with a balmy-vanilla like fragrance. The second treasure of antiquity is a reproduction of a pomegranate fruit, handcrafted in terracotta.  It is soaked in Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella’s Melograno fragrance which is released slowly in the air. This unique home sculpture is packaged in a beautiful round box and includes a ceramic plate to hold the scented pomegranate.

Incense - 18 papers

Made in Italy

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