Sapone al Melograno – Pomegranate Soap

Santa Maria Novella

This exquisite bar of soap is famously coveted and often the first Santa Maria Novella product our customers' purchase. Sapone al Melagrano is triple milled, hand-molded with 19th century equipment, aged for 60 days in ventilated cabinets, hand-wrapped, generously sized, and lasts three times as long as ordinary soap retaining its shape and fragrance. Did we mention the soap’s delicious scent of pomegranate oil and creamy texture which works into a fragrant, moisturizing lather? And then there’s the packaging in a lovely cream, navy and gold box with the soap nestled beneath diaphanous ivory parchment paper. This is the ultimate gift soap for soap lovers.

*Please visit or call Essenza to purchase this product and to experience the entire Santa Maria Novella collection.

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